The printing of the CALIBREX box requires more than 8 hours of printing with layer height set at 0.2mm and 20% of printing on the two 3D printers tested. The servo motor palette must be printed with White plastic, the M42 female screw ring must be printed with more care, so a layer height of 0.15mm or even 0.10mm is required with a filling rate of 100% for maximum rigidity.

An overview of the closed CALIBREX calibration box without optics and without electronics, black PETG printing, prusa MK3 i3 3D printer – Pierre Dubreuil.
Exploded parts of the CALIBREX, the M42 ring and the slide are to be glued with epoxy glue once the parts have been cleaned. The servomotor palette is not visible here. The M42 ring is to be printed in 0.10mm or 0.15mm to reach the fineness of a screw thread necessary for screwing in an M42 Male / 2 ″ flowing ring to buy in metal.
The only part to print with White wire is the palette, but it is possible to print it in Black and paint the central reflection area in white afterwards. Here installation of the pallet on the ServoMotor

The files necessary for 3D printing in STL format can be downloaded from the links below. The nomenclature number is also indicated:

Printing of the CALIBREX case in black PETG, 3D printer prusa MK3 i3 – Pierre Dubreuil.
Printing media placement area.
The supports calculated by PrusaSlicer.
The cover placed on the Prusa slicer went for 3 hours 55 minutes of printing with my old Vertex K8400 print density 20% and layer thickness set at 0.2mm.

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