As you already know, the Calibrex module is equipped with an electronic card, the manufacturing of which we have just seen, with the list of necessary components, and above all the very simple manufacturing circuit board, which is equipped with an Arduino “nano”. You can get it on the net easily and for a very small fee of a few euros.

It is necessary to install the interface IDE Arduino on the Arduino site, you take the latest version 1.8.10, it is necessary to connect your Arduino “Nano” by a USB cable (mini USB socket on the side of the Nano). Finally configure “nano” in the type of card, in the help this is well explained.

Finally once connected select “file”, “open” and you access the “Spectro_nano_embedded” directory. In the directory there are three files (CPP file, H file and Arduino file) you will have to click “Spectro_nano_embbeded.ino” which is the arduino file.

1- Open the Spectro_Nano_embedded.ino file.
Note the Messenger.cpp and Messenger.h files must be in the same directory.
2- Connect the arduino Nano to the computer via USB and upload the driver. (Arrow at the top left)


Once powered, three modes selected with the switch of the box are then available.

1- The local operating mode, by successively pressing the push button on the box, the color of the multicore LED determines the commanded function, when starting the Arduino the “Clear” function is selected.

Color of the
Multicolored led
Pallet positionDenominationUVEX Fonction
light offopenedClearSpectrum acquisition
RedclosedNeonwavelength calibration
Green closedFlatInstrumental response

2- The remote mode allows with most astronomy software (Maxim, Prism …..) to remotely control via the USB cable, the 4 functions described above. In this case, the red power LED flashes quickly, indicating that the connection is well established between the PC and the Arduino. Jean Luc has programmed an Ascom driver which allows the electronic card to be connected to most astro software for amateurs. By choosing the wheel driver with ASCOM spectro filters you can then select the different functions (“Clear”, neon, flat, close acquisition).

Ascom filter wheel driver – ASCOM.Spectro for controlling calibration lamps
Dialog box under Prism which allows you to control the activation of CALIBREX calibration lamps.


For those who do not use Prism, MaximDl software …. Pierre and Jean-Luc have developed the Calibrex control application in C #, a small application for dialogue with the electronics of the nanoArduino at the heart of the caliber. The Calibrex Control V1.0 application runs on its own and updates automatically, it only needs the SpectroWeel ascom driver installed. Once connected to the driver, the 4 buttons allow you to control the 4 previous functions, the active function is very easily visible by the flashing of the colored rectangle to the right of each button.

Par défaut à la connection de l’application la fonction clear est sélectionnée

CALIBREX control v1004
By default when connecting the application the clear function is selected

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