4- The optical

Preparation of the two mirror supports M1 and M2, with the external adjustment levers.

Installation of mirrors M1 and M2 in their support.

Installation of the cylindrical lens in the UVEX box.

Implementation of the grating in its support.

3- The grating support

Cleaning the grating support.

Tapping for the network blocking screw.

Installation of the grating support in the case.

Tapping of the grating support for assembly with the grating controller.

Final assembly before installing the grating …

2-The slit support

Preparation of the parts to assemble the sliding door slide.

The cleaning is important so that the sinking plate well on the case.

Assembly of the slot holder in the box.

Attention do not forget to put the two tablets opposite.

A delicate moment: tapping the slot support.

Fixing test of the two slot supports with tapping of the two slot holding screws.

The two screws are very small, no need for a tap, just tighten them by force to make the thread in the plastic.

And now here is the assembly with the case …

Case preparation

Installation of thread inserts for the cover.

Preparation of the destruction box for 3D printing supports.
Preparation of the drilling holes to the right diameter, when printing the holes placed vertically tend to be elongated.